Instant Pot---Roast

I thought this was going to be the meme going around about popeye cooking a brisket in a mailbox.

Friend of mine hit his mail with an IR gun after I sent it to him - 160* inside. So you probably could.

I’ve never owned an instant pot. I always sear in cast iron then spice hand rub before putting the roast into the crock pot or Le Creuset Dutch oven.
Potatoes and veggies should be cooked (steamed) separately as they don’t require as long a cook time.
Also, for a while I was doing burrito experiments. One of them was pot roast along with the carrots, onions, celery, etc., in a large Guerrero flour tortilla, then non-stick pan-fried in a little olive oil. The key to the burrito was to first pour the crock pot juice into a small pile of buttered, cooked flour in a cast skillet until thickened, then return it back to the crock pot.
Made for a dope burrito 😋
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