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  1. Revman

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    Both Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch have commented consistently on the Penske right rear on scanner. Good for Penske getting ahead on this. Part of the game.
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  2. Revman

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    Truth Taco Time.
  3. Revman

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    Maybe, but I look at Kentucky and Michigan where this year's package was run last year....connect it to this year, and there is work to do.
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    I'm too busy laughing at who said Kenseth needs to retire.
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    Interesting stuff from Marty Smith in today's Turn 4 article:

    DW may be insufferable most of the time but he did say during the Texas broadcast that Penske has always been known for their excellent shocks, so this just seems to back it up.
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  6. SlicedBread22

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    Must have meant Jaromir Jagr
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    Yeah, well, JGR had immense mechanical grip last year until the truck arm mounts needed to be welded and the fans were taken away. Would love to know what Penske is up to.....and whether or not NASCAR will do the same to them.

    Interesting point on set up aggressiveness. Paul still on vacation?
  8. Taco

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    Its simple, Penske is using alloys that gives skew under side loading.
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    Bastards! Gimmie some!!!!!!
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  11. R Clarence

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    Byzanium. Not to be confused with bizanium which has different properties…………………………

    The only known supply was aboard RMS Titanic.

    Penske contracted an adventurer by the name of Dirt Pitt to recover same. The rest is history.
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