Ken Squier

One of those people who's impact is hard to give enough credit. Most people know him from his work on air, but there was SO MUCH more, arguably much more important things that he was responsible for behind the scenes. There is a reason an award carries his name. RIP Ken, you'll be missed.
One of the GOAT announcers, made each race feel like a majestic big time affair.

Very well said. Ken Squier was my all-time favorite. He just had such a grandiose voice and way of speaking that commanded your attention. Much like Keith Jackson or Pat Summerall did for a football broadcast, whenever Ken was on the mic, he made any race sound like a huge event. And like others have said, he did a lot of great things off the air and was well liked by everyone.

Sad news, damn, RIP Ken, you will always be the voice of NASCAR for me.
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