Kyle Busch to JGR?

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by BobbyFord, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. BobbyFord

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    Larry McReynolds is hearing that the Kyle Busch deal at Joe Gibbs Racing is very close. Now, we don't have an answer on whether they're looking to put him in the #18 car, replacing J.J. Yeley, or if they are looking at Busch for a fourth team.(FoxSports)
    AND is hearing that Kyle Busch is very close to finalizing a deal that will make him the fourth driver in the Joe Gibbs Racing stable. Sources said Busch has crossed Richard Childress Racing and Dale Earnhardt, Inc. off his list of potential teams for 2008 and beyond. Speculation also had Busch going to DEI to replace Dale Earnhardt Jr., but it appears as though the DEI/Ginn Racing merger has taken up most of the executives time at DEI and Busch never felt any warmth from the organization. An announcement is expected sometime over the next week to week and a half, most likely after the big Brickyard 400 weekend. Sources said only the details of the contract remained to be worked out, but that both parties had agreed in principle to a five year deal.(
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  2. kat2220

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    This calls for a bigger woodshed!
  3. tkj24

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    Man Kyle and Tony will get out of their cars swinging. The coach had better keep his but at the track.
  4. SuperChuck5

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    This says Yeley to Yates, Kyle Busch in the 18.
  5. Magnethead

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    JGR Team meeting: Mobile boxing ring in extra hauler brought to every race and set up next to the speed stage
  6. kelloggs5TLfan

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    I hope they keep Denny out of there future drama. :D
  7. tkj24

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    If Denny would quit getting out on the track and backing into Tony there wouldn't be a problem.:eek:
  8. kelloggs5TLfan

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  9. SlowNeasy

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    hmm, this doesn't make any sense. jgr walking face forward into trouble when they didn't want budweiser? better add a couple of psychologists to the team.
  10. Patrick9999

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    The best one I've heard in a while :D :D
  11. Magnethead

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    "Sorry Tony, i forgot there's no reverse lights on the cars"
  12. SuperChuck5

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    How is adding one of the best young drivers to come along in a loooong time "trouble"? He's won every season of his short career and appears to be a perennial Chase contender. He's not always on the best behavior, sure, but he really isn't that bad. If I'm a team owner, I'd rather a bit of a loose cannon (who is still maturing) that gets me in victory lane a few times a year rather than a choir boy who runs 20th.
  13. Digger

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  15. BobbyFord

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    UPDATE: Kyle Busch says he still hasn’t decided which team he wants to sign with for 2008 and says it may be another two weeks before he makes the call. However, it’s looking more and more as if it may be Dale Earnhardt Inc. But according to NASCAR sources Budweiser may not be Busch’s sponsor.(Winston Salem Journal)(7-28-2007)
    UPDATE 2: It was reported on ESPN2's NASCAR Now that Busch's agent, Jeff Dickerson, said the rumors are not true and that Busch has not narrowed down his selection of teams, has offers on the table and something should be known about Busch's future within two weeks or so.(ESPN's NASCAR Now)(7-28-2007)
  16. barelypure

    barelypure Spectator

    Why wouldn't Anheiser-Busch sponsor Busch? It looks like a natural name tie in to me... ;)
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  17. muggle not

    muggle not Team Owner

    Perhaps it is because he is too young to drink, or is that he just acts that way. :)
  18. barelypure

    barelypure Spectator

    Eh, he's 22. But from this pic just imagine his mug on the side of Bud cartons. You know you'd rush out and buy all you could as souvenirs... :rolleyes:
  19. kelloggs5TLfan

    kelloggs5TLfan Team Owner

    BP, was that necessary this early in the am?? ;) :D
  20. muggle not

    muggle not Team Owner

    I stopped eating Kelloggs cereal. Hope I don't have to give up Bud. ;) :D
  21. tkj24

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    I can't see Kasey Kahne on a Bud can either. He has this little baby face.
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  22. BobbyFord

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    UPDATE 3: #5-Kyle Busch answered only one question [Saturday], and that was a one-word response to whether he'd completed a contract with the organization he plans to drive for next season. "No," said Busch, who will start 18th. Busch, who will be replaced by Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Hendrick Motorsports in 2008, is being pursued by Joe Gibbs Racing, Dale Earnhardt Inc., Evernham Motorsports, Richard Childress Racing and Chip Ganassi Racing. He was scheduled to meet with all four DEI drivers and management on Saturday and is scheduled to meet with EMS owner Ray Evernham next week.(
  23. kyle busch 18

    kyle busch 18 1ST PLACE!

    Best move joe gibbs ever made was hiring kyle busch.

    I cant believe kyle was a free agent and hendricks just let him get away. Must be kicking themselves now haha! Gibbs must of won the bidding war. I cant even imagine how many teams were trying to sign him.
  24. Joker

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    Now this is some deep necromancy.
  25. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner

    HMS still did pretty good for themselves.

    Joe was used to crisis management in the NFL with much physically bigger assholes -- so probably a good fit both at the time and in hindsight as it was in Joe's wheelhouse.
  26. AndyMarquisLive

    AndyMarquisLive Short Track Fanatic

    I think this was a win-win deal honestly. Hendrick ended up with five more championships with Jimmie Johnson. Plus, Mark Martin ended up in the #5 car a year after Kyle's departure and gave it a damn good run.
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  27. ChexOrWrex

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  28. DaBiff1618

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    That’s Jaqua’s music!!!
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  29. 2 Sweet

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    HENDRICK. No S. You know better :p
  30. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Yeah, a major league zombie staggering around.
  31. Snappy D

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    Crazy Kyle even considered DEI...they crumbled pretty quick when Jr left. I always remembered JGR being the overwhelming favorite, reading this it seemed much closer
  32. Speedbowl14

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    Lol. Kyle had 4 wins in 3 full years with Hendrick. At a time when Jimmie and Jeff were having 3, 4, 5+ wins each in a season. Kyle certainly didn't look like a Casey Atwood, but he also certainly didn't live up to the hype he got in the lower series.

    Best comparison to today is Erik Jones at Gibbs. He's a great driver but his teamates are absolutely crushing his performance and he has very limited job security given the performances of Hamlin/KyBu/Truex.
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  33. Turtle84

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    Same emojis in 2007 :eek:
  34. Formerjackman

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    Kyle wasn't a free agent. HMS had an option on him for at least 2008 if not not longer, but Rick had had enough of his crap and sent him packing. Somehow I doubt Rick has too many regrets. He traded a mediocre performing problem child for a cash cow driver that is like another son to him. And while HMS might have won more races with Kyle , it's hard to see how they would have won many more championships since Jimmie won most of them anyway. You also have to ask yourself how long Kyle would have been content at HMS anyway. As long as Jeff and Jimmie were there, Kyle was the third man on the totem pole, and while Mark was there, he would have been fourth man. I don't think Kyle would have lasted beyond one more contract period at HMS before he bolted. As for all the potential suitors for his services, I never for a second thought he would end up anywhere BUT JGR. They were probably the only Tier One team at the time that would hire him. He was leaving HMS, he burnt bridges with Roush by going to HMS and I think one Busch was enough for Penske. JGR was clearly the best option for him, and as was pointed out, Joe Gibbs was probably the most well suited guy out there to deal with head case drivers. The day Kyle signed at JGR, I mailed an extra large bottle of Excedrin to JGR in care of Joe as a gag gift. :D
  35. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    Lmao. I love message boards.
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  36. Reck

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    This reminds me of all them good posters we had back in the day. Most who posted in this very thread Gordon fans. :D
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