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Oct 29, 2013
I don't mind science fiction that includes wild concepts and fantasized technology, but I prefer science fiction that has some basis in known science and technology so I can at least fathom how the wild concepts and fantasized technology came about. So my suggestions might be a little mundane...

Lack of oxygen in the natural atmosphere makes petroleum or alcohol fueled engines difficult. You would have to crack a lot of CO2 to obtain enough oxygen to support combustion, and you would have to contain it so the cars would have access to it (would need the track inside a dome as already proposed). If you did the dome at least you could also control the extreme temperature and air pressure problems by utilizing a giant HVAC system. But I'm wondering why try to emulate racing on Earth when instead it could be more interesting to tailor Mars racing to what is unique about Mars?

I’m thinking electric motors since they wouldn’t be so affected by the natural atmosphere. Since this is science fiction you can use batteries that have all the range you need while also being lightweight (although a heavy battery pack mounted low and centrally in the chassis would help the car stick to the track).

Since you are emulating NASCAR in a way, and most NASCAR tracks are paved, why not pave your MASCAR track(s)? That would reduce problems getting traction on the natural surface, as well as particles from that surface plugging up cooling systems (although these cooling systems may only exist to aid the drivers and possibly cool battery packs if you decide that the MASCAR technology still has to deal with those problems).

If MASCAR tracks are paved, why not include electromagnets embedded in the pavement? They would help stick the cars to the track via magnetic attraction to steel in the cars. You could have some fun with story plot lines by making the electromagnets strength controllable from an outside race control console… could vary the strength to emulate changing track conditions throughout the race… bad guys could try to sabotage the controls for their own ends…

Pit stops would be quite dangerous for the pit crew (lots of stuff potentially flying around that could damage their space suits)… they probably wouldn’t be adding liquid fuel but they might connect a quick recharge or change tires or make bodywork adjustments to try to optimize for what aero might be possible to exploit.

Drivers would have to wear space suits and be completely enclosed inside an impenetrable “egg”. The only way for fans to see them would be via installed cameras… that could be exploited for plot lines too…


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Jun 2, 2014
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The futuristic thinking and brilliant business man, Elon Musk, must have had known this series was inevitable several years ago when he launched a Tesla Roadster (photo attached) into space that is headed to Mars. Smart thinking on his part to get some testing in ahead of the competition. Well done Elon.

Tesla Roadster.jpg


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Jun 22, 2011
A good theorem building exercise for RF intellexuals to decision matrixify:

-Varient possibilities for when Martians get together to create a new life.

If they were to put some Martian, and Ward Burton into the petri dish to make a Martian driver, what kind of accent will he have?

Cause whats comes around goes around......
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