Mayfield lobbying Busch for a Truck ride?

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Spotter22, Jun 9, 2019.

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    In all of this Biffle/Mayfield talk I'm surprised Elliott Sadler hasn't weasled his way into another top tier team. He's driven for KHI, RCR, Roush, Gibbs, JRM. I guess he should have knocked Penske/BKR off.

    I'm a Sadler hater/troll sorry
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    No, but regardless of the reason why, he was still guilty of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance and causing an auto accident, and a jury trial would have been EXTREMELY costly, and IF he lost, the penalties would have been far worse. He decided it was better to man up, take responsibility for what happened and try to gain favor with the judge. 10K and a lot of jumping through hoops later, he basically has a clean slate.
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    Rich people do drugs, and some even sell them. Why is that so hard to believe?
    But I also agree that it's fishy that NASCAR never revealed what evidence they had to suspend him. either way if he does the road to recovery he should be allowed to race
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  4. Spotter22

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    What do you want a picture? He failed not 1 but 2 drug tests which tested positive for meth, there was conspiracy to get Jeremy Mayfield by NASCAR, he also lost his lawsuit against them.
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  5. Spotter22

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    Uh, the evidence was a drug test he failed.....TWICE
  6. Stu Jameson

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    I wasn't in the "garage" and I, as well as a few thousand others, knew this. You had nothing more to go on than the rest of us" outsiders" did.BTW, I ate 12 White Castles once.
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  7. Spotter22

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    When you travel with a group of people 36 times a year you get to know more then you would think . You believe what you want too.
  8. Switchback

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    Wasn't he also accused of grenading a few motors on purpose?
  9. aunty dive

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    Jerry Springer? Jerry?

    Is that you?
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  10. NC HillBilly

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    His story is actually a little more complicated than that. He claims that when he was initially told that he failed it was for amphetamines which at the time he had just been prescribed for ADHD. He was asked to fax over medical records to prove he was taking them under the direction of a doctor and told it wouldn't be an issue if he was. He also claims he told Dr. Black during that phone call that he'd also taken Claritin-D (a Pseudoephedrine combination OTC medicine) that morning. He claims at that point the general tone of the conversation changed and Dr. Black told him it would be a problem because he felt like he was getting stimulated for the race.

    Dr. Black wasn't Mayfield's doctor and wasn't going on anything but a gut feeling and the results of a test that popped positive for amphetamines at the time. Faxing over proof of an Adderall prescription should have been enough to clear it up. The next call Mayfield got was from someone at NASCAR calling to let him know he'd been suspended for a failed drug test and that NASCAR was holding a press conference in a half hour to tell the press/public.

    This is the place where I take issue with what NASCAR did. They'd only started the road to recovery and the new drug testing policy that year and Mayfield was the first one to pop positive for something. Holding a press conference for something that should have been handled behind closed doors is in very bad taste. Further more, at this point Mayfield decided to fight the results and it's at this point he claims methamphetamine was mentioned for the first time by NASCAR. It's also fishy that no one was allowed to independently see or verify the results of the drug test and we're expected to just trust NASCAR's word on the issue.

    Also keep in mind that this was the year where Mayfield, not being able to find a seat with any major teams probably as a result of the falling out he had with the owner of the 19 car for outing the affair founded his own race team and started driving as an owner/driver. It seemed like NASCAR and the major teams were black balling him and were pissed that he had the gall to field a car out of his own pocket. While he wasn't doing amazing he was qualifying for races and that says a lot about the man in an era where owner/driver teams were starting to become very rare.

    I'm not even a fan of Mayfield but I find the situation surrounding his drug test to be very fishy. Given what NASCAR did to Tim Richmond at the end of his career I feel like an independent party should verify all drug tests when someone pops positive. In all honesty NASCAR drivers should have a union but we all know it's never going to happen.

    Seriously though, it's NASCAR. Given all the shady sh!t they've done over the years is it really far fetched to believe they would black ball a driver for stepping out of line?

    The drugs/stolen goods on his property doesn't look good I'll admit but even that can be explained. As someone that owns a good bit of land myself I'll be the first to admit that I don't often walk it and it'd be easy to hide things on it without me knowing. Also, I have a bad tendency to help out people that aren't always totally on the up and up. I often buy things from people instead of outright loaning them money with the intention of selling the items back to them later should they get on their feet or selling them to someone else if enough time goes by where I feel like the owner will never come back for the items. I have several guns in my home I bought from folks and I took their word that they weren't stolen. For all I know I could be in possession of stolen property with drugs stashed in it.

    All that aside: People change. I was hooked on opioids myself for a long time through no fault of my own. A doctor put me on them and it wasn't long before I had to take them every day to feel normal. I didn't realize they were a problem for at least two years. I'm now constantly scrutinized about this because I made the mistake of admitting it to close family/friends so now any time I'm laid up in pain/sick for a few days in a bad mood it's the first thing they ask me about. I should have never told them because it's very annoying and frankly pisses me off whenever it's mentioned. I haven't touched the stuff in nearly half a decade and sometimes I'm in so much pain that I really do need them but I suffer because I know where that leads. People assuming I'm using them just pisses me off and makes me question why I don't just get back on the stuff if everyone is going to assume I'm on them anyway. I'd much rather live pain free and high all the time legally than suffering in pain. But I stay off of them because it's the right thing to do both for my health and the people I care about.

    Sorry for the mini-rant. I just find it in bad taste for someone that claims to be an "insider" to come here and post a thread like this then drop little rumors/hints that he knows something the general public doesn't. Turns out he's just going off the same information the public does when it comes to the subject of Mayfield. I'm sure he'll continue to hang around and tell everyone how wrong they are because he might have heard some things through the grapevine.

    If you tested every driver every week there is no telling what you'd find. I've seen so many drivers racing with broken bones and major injuries over the years. Do you honestly think they all did it without the help of opioids or some form of pain killer? How many of them smoke pot in the off season? How many take speed or nerve pills? We don't know because they're probably smart enough not to do it three days before they're supposed to be at the track. Drug tests are easy to pass when/if you know they're coming even in settings where they're totally randomized. Aside from pot all of the things I mentioned would be totally legal under NASCAR's policy assuming you were taking them as prescribed.

    At the end of the day I do feel bad for Mayfield because even if he used meth he seems to have made changes in his life and I can tell the guy loves to race more than anything else. If he didn't he wouldn't be running at little dirt tracks and celebrating the few wins he's picked up in the Late Models. I feel like he just wants to re-live the good old days and redeem himself in the eyes of the fans. If I were him I would probably just give up on NASCAR and go run in another series somewhere but it just wouldn't be the same. Nothing is going to scratch the itch like a Cup car.

    I didn't even like the guy when he ran cup. I always thought he was a terrible teammate for Rusty. He did put Earnhardt in the wall for a win though so I do have a little respect for him.
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  11. Stu Jameson

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    Cover.Blown. LOL
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  12. Greg

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    He has refused to complete the treatment program, that's all l need to know. I think he was on the meth, but even if he were innocent he should have eventually agreed to do the treatment program.

    There are too many that played by the rules and they are younger too.
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  13. Greg

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    If I remember correctly Mayfield was snarky and publicly insulting Penske, and Ray Evernham while driving for them. It was the kind of stupid that gets and keeps you fired
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  14. Spotter22

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    1. What you call rumors are facts
    2. They do test every driver and crew memeber
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  15. sdj

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    My 2 cents.
    He had his chance and blew it.
    There are a lot of up and coming young drivers that are deserving of a chance. JMHO.
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  16. Snappy D

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    Jeremy Mayfield was a never was, I’m really surprised people are dying on this hill for him. There are about 30 drivers I’d like to see get a shot/comeback at a Truck ride before Jeremy.
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  17. Simple Fan

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    So you'd take the treatment even if you didn't use the drug? That's just a waste of everyone's time.
  18. Simple Fan

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    That's not true though, the first drug test he failed for amphetamines and that case got thrown out in court and his ban lifted, then they got him for the failed meth test to reinstate his ban. The court also threw out his case this time because he waived his right to sue NASCAR by still trying to compete in Nascar events. Having a case thrown out and losing are not the same.
  19. Greg

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    How has refusing worked out for Jeremy?
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  20. Simple Fan

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    He hasn't admitted to meth use but doing the program would essentially do that.
  21. sdj

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    If it was going to cost me a multi million dollar livelihood, you damn skippy I would! Because if you don't take the test right or wrong you do not race again in Nascar, absolute no brainer is to take the test and treatment, just like the Dinger did.
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  22. Turtle84

    Turtle84 gained a step

    Exactly. Holding onto some principal of innocence is futile at that point. Take the test, take the treatment, prove you're clean, prove you're on the right track, and you'd have a chance to regain what you lost and start racing again. You're still going to lose something, Dinger lost his best Cup ride because of it, but at least you have a chance to get a lot of it back.

    I find it highly doubtful that he wasn't using anyhow, between the failed drug test, swirling garage rumors of those around him, and the search and seizure at his home finding meth and stolen property. You have lost in the court of public opinion. Swallow the pride or don't and go a different direction.

    Sadly it is a little late in the game for all of that, but if being out there again will bring him joy, then go for it!
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  23. AuzGrams

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    Jeremy seems pretty happy running late models & honestly he was starting to dwindle to the end of his career in 2009 so good for him I suppose, if he has had a drug issue in the past I hope he continues to get better.
  24. Clutch

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    He's running Late Models whilst on drugs?!! [​IMG]

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