Mayfield tests positive for Meth again!!

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  1. Benevolent One

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    July 15th, 9:34 pm

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NASCAR on Wednesday filed court papers asking that Jeremy Mayfield's indefinite suspension for violating the sport's substance abuse policy be reinstated after his most recent test came up positive for methamphetamines.

    Court documents also included affidavits that Mayfield is a longtime user of the illegal drug.

    "We say to the court that Jeremy flouted both this Court's authority and NASCAR's Substance Abuse Policy by ingesting the same illegal drug that he has repeatedly denied taking within days of the Court's granting of the preliminary injunction," court documents said.

    Mayfield once again denied ever using the illegal drug.

    "I don't trust anything NASCAR does, anything [program administrator] Dr. David Black does, never have, never will," Mayfield told The Associated Press in a phone interview.

    An affidavit by Mayfield's stepmother, Lisa, said "she has personal knowledge of Mr. Mayfield using and even manufacturing methamphetamine, including his usage of methamphetamine before a race as far back as a decade ago."

    "I first saw Jeremy using methamphetamine in 1998 at Jeremy's shop on Jackson Road in Mooresville, North Carolina," she said. "Jeremy cooked some of his own methamphetamine in his shop by the house until the stores took pseudoephedrine off the shelves. In addition to making methamphetamine for his own use, I am aware that Jeremy has bought methamphetamine from others."

    She testified to seeing Mayfield use methamphetamine approximately 30 times throughout the years, including at least once before a race.

    "I was concerned about his heavy use and talked to his father about it,'' said Lisa, whose husband has since passed away. "I saw Jeremy use methamphetamine by snorting it up his nose at least [30] times during the [7] years I was around him. Jeremy used methamphetamines not only in my presence, but also when we were both in the presence of others.

    "Jeremy told me that he did methamphetamine before the [NASCAR awards ceremony in New York] when he drove for Ray Evernham."

    She also referred to a 1999 trip to Myrtle Beach the week before the Darlington race.

    "I saw Jeremy using methamphetamine in Myrtle Beach,'' she testified. "We left Myrtle Beach and traveled to Darlington for the race. I saw Jeremy using methamphetamine again when we reached Darlington."

    Mayfield angrily contested his stepmother's account.

    "Now they got this lying [expletive] to tell lies about me, someone I am embarrassed even uses the Mayfield name. She's tried everything she can do to get money out of me, I won't help her, so I guess she found a way to get money from NASCAR by giving them an affidavit full of lies."

    Mayfield originally tested positive for methamphetamines on May 1 and was suspended eight days later. He was granted the injunction lifting the suspension two weeks ago in federal court by Judge Graham Mullen.

    An attorney for Mayfield filed documents earlier Wednesday arguing that the temporary injunction lifting the suspension of the driver for violating NASCAR's substance abuse policy should stand.

    The filing was an answer to the appeal by NASCAR arguing that Judge Mullen's ruling should be overturned because Mayfield was a danger to the sport.

    Mayfield's attorney, John Buric, said he filed 17 exhibits arguing his point.

    "There's nothing really to comment on other than we believe Judge Mullen was right and we don't believe there are any grounds for NASCAR to seek any stay from the 4th Circuit," Buric said. "The order should stand as it is."

    NASCAR countered with the results of the test Mayfield took at his home on July 6.

    Court documents said the test was conclusive and that additional tests were performed to exclude the possibility that the results were a combination of Adderall and Claritin-D as Mayfield has claimed.

    "My only comment is that's their result," Buric told AP. "But what I want you to keep in mind is that test was performed by the defendants in the case. Aegis Laboratories and Dr. Black are defendants in this case. I don't know if NASCAR has the right to ask the defendant to test Jeremy's urine sample. It ought to be done independently, but NASCAR didn't do that."

    Buric said the law firm had Mayfield tested at an independent lab "not associated with NASCAR" and the results were negative.

    Documents also said Mayfield's urine sample was "very dilute," an indication that an excessive consumption of water was consumed "in an effort to defeat a drug test."

    The filing also said the "B" sample remains sealed and available for testing at another laboratory, a point of contention in the initial claim. Mayfield's attorney argued that because the original "B" sample was tested at the same laboratory, Aegis, employed by NASCAR to conduct the first test that the results were compromised and should be thrown out.

    Buric acknowledged the two sides are still haggling over a lab for the "B" sample and said NASCAR rejected the lab Mayfield's side had picked.

    NASCAR hopes the latest test eliminates any doubt that the first tests were legitimate.

    "Because Mr. Mayfield's repeated and confirmed use of methamphetamine violates NASCAR's Substance Abuse Policy, and because NASCAR must be permitted to protect the safety of its drivers, crews, and fans, as well as the integrity of the sport, Defendants respectfully request that the Court immediately vacate its July 7, 2009 Order and reinstate NASCAR's suspension of Mr. Mayfield," court documents said.

    David Newton covers NASCAR for He can be reached at [email protected]. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.
  2. Benevolent One

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    Can somebody fix my typo in the threads title? Sorry. :eek:
  3. 97forever

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    This story is going to get really nasty, no doubt.
  4. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    It's already nasty --- it's going to get worse.
  5. buckaroo

    buckaroo Here kitty, kitty, kitty

    Maybe a judge should decide what lab to use. He could get both sides together and find one that both agree on. If one side or the other doesn't budge, then something is fishy.
  6. Newracefan

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    Now JM is saying Brian France has issues. "Brian France talking about effective drug policy is like Al Capone talking about effective law enforcement."
    While I may have my own suspicions this is probably not the best way to handle this one. :eek:
  7. mike honcho

    mike honcho Knuckleheads

    I guess let the court pick the lab for the B sample and recieve the results.Then this will all be over.
  8. kelloggs5TLfan

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  9. Meth

    Yea it is going to get ugly. Meth gosh that will mess you up bad!
  10. I think he knows he has no more future in NASCAR and figures he can come out and say what he wants now and not real worried about what they have to say.
  11. Thith ith getting to be a real meth. And itth jutht gonna get methier. Thorry about my lithp.
  12. majestyx

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    BUMP! That is too funny!!!
  13. 83WynnsOlds

    83WynnsOlds Guest

    At this point, I'm still behind Mayfield.
    I really don't know why but I guess its my distrust of NASCAR and Little Brian.
  14. Betsy

    Betsy Team Owner

    All this

    talk about the labs, and no talk about the Mom-In-Law..
    All I can say is, I have five daughters and NONE of my Sons-in-law would EVER do drugs in front of me!!! Either that woman is simply a damn liar or she was doing similar things with him!
    What a disfunctional family that must be.
  15. muggle not

    muggle not Team Owner

    Good, I think that mayfield can use all the people behind him that he can get. He needs help. meth heads seldom admit use.
  16. HUTfan

    HUTfan Guest

    His step-mother is the one who says she has known him to use and produce meth. She also said that she tried to help him by talking to him father about Jeremy's addiction.

    I'm gonna have to side with NASCARs decision to ban him now. 3 positive results and an eye witness in his family.
  17. Spike

    Spike Team Owner

    I once tested positive for awesome. And by once, I mean routinely.
  18. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Team Owner

    Another false positive I guess. LOL
  19. Joniki

    Joniki Team Owner Contributor

    I heard today that Mayfield had three hundred times the limit of Meth allowed by NASCAR. NASCAR allows Meth? :confused: Cripe! If I tested positive for meth at any limit I would no longer be a medic...

    I am still waiting to see how this turns out.
  20. tkj24

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  21. Mopardh9

    Mopardh9 Guest

    Here is my take on this entire thing: seems the step-mom has an agenda in all this, whether it be legit or not. Jeremy tests positive again, why risk doing anything even over the counter allergy drugs if you are getting tested every few days like he says?? Doesn't add up. Step -mom says he was using for at least 7 years, seems to me that is a chronic user, there would of been signs of this no matter if he snorted or smoked the stuff. Jeremy would not have been able to function the way he did for that time frame. Ray Evernham comes out with statement yesterday stating he saw no signs of drug use while Jeremy was driving for him. There are way too many inconsistencies here, stuff just does not add up. IMO I smell a cover up or some sort of conspiracy, seems to me Jeremy pissed off the wrong people ( whether that be France or an owner) and they have it out for him or the step-mom has it in for him because Jeremy has something on her. Could be a combination of the two, either way I believe this one will go to court with a lot of crap coming out in the laundry. Nascar wants this to go away quietly, but I don't see that happening. Jeremy will never drive again in Nascar, so he has nothing to lose by getting everything out there. Wouldn't be surprised if he starts naming other drivers that use illegal substances just to smear Nascar. Either way Nascars' image has been tarnished quite a bit with this. Can't wait for the book and the movie!!:D
  22. SlowNeasy

    SlowNeasy Guest

    jeremy going to be nascar's version of jose canseco? i don't put much stock in family fights. one things for sure, nascar will be getting a lot of free publicity and in this case bad publicity definitely won't be better than none at all.
  23. dpkimmel2001

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  24. SST55

    SST55 Guest

  25. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Team Owner

  26. Benevolent One

    Benevolent One Team Owner

    I can definitely see Jeremy Methfield making a lot of trouble for NASCAR.

    I don't see him having the same effect on the sport that Jose Canseco had on baseball, but only because I don't think NASCAR has nearly as many skeletons in it's closet as baseball had. I can't see anything that he could have on NASCAR that would cause the outrage that steroids caused in "america's pasttime".
  27. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Team Owner

    Wait until Mayfield releases his little internet feature film that he is working on. It'll be interesting to see the edit on that footage.
  28. Digger

    Digger Guest

    From Mike Harper's commentary:

    Aegis has screwed up before. How do we know they didn't screw up, intentionally, a second time just to make themselves look good?
  29. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Team Owner

    Send in the black helicopters!
  30. Digger

    Digger Guest

    Oh, so we need to send in the black helicopters for everyone who isn't a NASCAR yes-man like yourself? :rolleyes:

    Read about the Nashville case. Instead of graciously admitting they effed up and got someone fired because of it, they spent years fighting it in court when they knew they effed up. Sound familiar?

    Obviously, we know Aegis isn't going to admit if they did make an error. Mayfield has shown no signs of being on meth. NASCAR refuses to use another drug testing facility, and Mayfield has a negative test result from two facilities he used.

    Do the math and you'll see something doesn't add up in the equation.
  31. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Team Owner

    Yes, send them in. IMO, this conspiracy stuff is a bunch of crap! You can call me what ever you like but I believe the test results. Your opinion differs, and that's fine.
  32. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    if they screwed up mayfileds then what orther drivers could they have messed up?

    I would of guessed something besides meth. No way is he on meth. He shows no signs of a user.

    Something is fishy. I'm glad he is fighting it.
  33. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like your ready to hang him at high noon. If they have messed up in the past. Don't you think they could do it again? Plus don't you think he would show signs as a user by now? I think it's a bunch of crap that everyone takes nascars side on all this stuff. I bet you wanted Tim richmond kicked out too because of what they said about him! It's pretty much the same deal.
  34. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Team Owner

    I'm not trying to convince you of anything. Our opinions differ on this. Nothing more than that. I don't quite know where you're coming from on the Tim Richmond remark. I was talking about Mayfield.
  35. SST55

    SST55 Guest

    Na$car has a take no prisoners, because we say so, my way or the hiway mentality. Don't like what's going on try to organize and attempt to form a drivers union. See where that gets you.
  36. wilson89

    wilson89 Team Owner

    Something definitly is fishy. I was looking at his teeth and his eyes yesturday when they showed him leaving court. Teeth looked just normal, which is pretty unnormal for someone who has been doing it for years like there claming he has.

    Something i just remembered was Jeremy was always on that show nascar 360 a few years ago where they followed him around nearly every minute during the week. What type of meth addict would agree to do a show where cameras would be rolling every minute? And especialy letting the cameras into his house where he could have drugs around?

    I agree. About 20 years ago there was a drug test no one understood being inforced sound familar? They kicked Tim out and he fought for years to try and come back even when he was dying.
  37. barelypure

    barelypure Spectator

    Well its over?? Bubba the Love Sponge took adderall and Claritin D and then took a drug test and tested positive for meth.
    Oh wait a minute, did they test Bubba before so we would have a control sample that he's not a meth head to begin with? Maybe this has raised more questions.
  38. 97forever

    97forever Team Owner

    Bubba the love sponge is the man!

    Or sponge.

  39. foehammer111

    foehammer111 Guest

    I agree.

    I think the people that are calling this a NASCAR conspiracy are a couple gunmen short of a grassy knoll.

  40. SlowNeasy

    SlowNeasy Guest

    MORE: Bubba will re-do the test Friday at 6:00 AM e.s.t. on his syndicated morning radio show. He will also be video taping the test to prove the process and the results. First, he will take the test to prove he is clean of Methamphetamine. Then, he will digest the Adderall and the Claritin-D and take the test again to show the positive Methamphetamine results. Check out for details. - John 'Captain Thunder' Nevins -

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