Mikey Fan Or Not?

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I'm getting a little tired of the Michael Waltrip & Dale Earnhardt show at the plate races,if They cud run like that at the other 32 events then They'd be successful!
Love Mikey and his sense of humor. Kind of reminds me of my brother minus the voice. My brother sounds much better. LOL

Like Kenny W. too and since he was brought up just wondering. Why doesn't he have a ride in WC? Thought he did a decent job while driving the #1 car. I know it seems he crashes a lot in any other car but still seems he has the nerve and some talent out there when he was in a good car.
I'm usually for the record a fan of a driver because of his talent on the track or atleast a showing of talent to come.
A driver's on camera personality is not what gets my attention in the first place. I watch racing for racing, not for driver personalities or appearance.
My answer is no, I am not a fan of Mikey's.
I am not a Mikey fan. But I am gaining new respect for him. I have felt that he has cheated himself in the past by not racing his "teammate". Racing is not a team sport. It is an individual sport and you race to win. If you need to work together at the restrictor plate tracks...fine. But at the end of the day you do what you can to win. Michael may very well win at a non-restrictor plate track before the year is out.:)
I cannot bring myself to pull for anyone named Waltrip. Mike is definately less offensive than Jaws though, even if he does sound a little, well you know. And I would much rather see Mike win than Junior or Harvick. Still don't like him though.
I like Mikey, especially glad to see him doing so well this year.
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