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Take a ride in car #7 with team Aardema/Braun in the one and only hand-built 920hp V12 369cid naturally aspirated motor to exist in the world. Turn up the volume and listen to the beautiful music and high notes the marvelous V12 machine can produce. Watch driver: Scott Goetz’s calm and smooth 4 mile run across the salt reach a speed of 278MPH! Thank you, GoPro for the new GoPro 9 with telemetry overlay.

interesting story about Mickey Thompson told by his son and then we get to ride along to 450 MPH.

Mickey and Danny Thompson’s Challenger II Breaks Records at Bonneville​

Another Power Tour. 57 minutes

Ha ha ha... At the 9:20 mark, they drive past the semi-iconic "Florence Y'all" water tower. I drove by there in 2017 after the Cup race at Kentucky Speedway. I saw that water tower and thought... WTF? It was so goofy that I couldn't get it off my mind. So I googled "Florence Y'all" and was surprised to learn how famous it is.

Originally, the tower was emblazened with an ad for the new Florence Mall. But somebody complained that advertisement violated some law. The Florence mayor, not having the budget for repainting things, realized he could touch up the M to make a Y' so thats what he did... and a legend was born.

The Florence Y'all water tower has become a landmark; even has its own Wikipedia page. And the local minor league baseball team is... the Florence Y'alls. Ya can't make this stuff up, LOL.

There were some pretty good cameo's from Youtube car guys at the power tour. Vice grip Garage rescued a White Cadillac from a swamp and remarkably it was pretty problem free after he did a bunch of maintenance stuff to it. He took his family of 5 on the tour. Junkyard Digs has a 68 or 9 Pontiac they fixed up that I don't know if he did it on purpose, but it is similar in style of James Garner's baja Olds 442 car he built

I could not stop watching this incredibly captivating video. When it was over, I wished it was longer. 1969 Ural M63 with sidecar.

I did one of these. Hunting with the dogs, pulled down to the river to cool off the dogs. Came back and my truck was almost down to the frame. As I was doing my walk of shame to get help, the dogs got into a skunk and I got some of it because I was down wind, My buddy got stuck trying to get me out, the wrecker got stuck trying to get us both out, another wrecking service said call your insurance, it's a total loss. So two days later my dad came down there with a four door Ford and equipment and got us all out.

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