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I used to watch this guy when I was a kid. He passed away. He started racing in 1956 and was still at it.


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I pulled a 3/4 Burb back from El Paso to Tulsa with a 3/4 ton Chev. It pushed me all over the road the whole way back. It looks pretty smooth with the 150


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Nice cars! Looks like there’s a little bit of everything there.

Unfortunately we had a couple competing car shows in the area which affected our turnout. This was the make-up date (actually the third time we had to reschedule) due to rain postponing the original schedule.

There's a local restaurant that holds cruise-ins every Thursday from late April until early October. I stopped by for an hour yesterday and the turnout always amazes me. Hundreds of cars and a ton of variety. I should have grabbed some pics. Hopefully I'll have a chance to make the final show on October 6th.
This is a fabulous PBS News report. Thanks for posting it @StandOnIt. It casts an entirely new light (new to me) on these goofy - yet definitely artistic - cars. Props to PBS for their open-minded approach in this report.
Works of art and a culture of car people IMO. The level of detail and workmanship on some of those cars is stunning.
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