Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

410 ... $75 K give or take.

Larson spins by himself turn 1 lap 1 of this 360 race at Chico...so that should be interesting
Shane Golobic wins, Larson ran out of time but got second coming off turn 4
Pretty good tussle between the young Busch and Owen Larson driving his first race in a Jr Sprint micro.

Why do they pretend Brexton posts these...he's 7 they don't sound like that. I know I have an 8 year old
Same reason Rodney Childers posts to his two Boxer dogs’ Twitter accounts.

Brexton is a terrible speller.
Vanderlay is an SHR engineer with a young family. He was badly injured during part of the Micro event organized and promoted by CBell.

He suffered several broken vertebrae and a spinal cord injury. It’s bad. Bell will step aside out of respect for the guy and his family. He invited Vanderlay to participate.

The Twitter jockeys know nothing. They should just STFU.
Bowman is an excellent chain-puller.

Dry sense of humour.
If sprint car fans ever wanted to check out one of my local gems Bridgeport Speedway in person this be the perfect weekend for it.

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