Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

Ya gotta love midget racing. I especially like the non-wing racing but I'm not a big fan of spoilers and wings. It is more interesting when the driver has to man handle the car due to lack of down force provided by artificial means. Old school, I know. :rolleyes:
Lucas Wolfe wins an afternoon show at Port Royal with a pass on Danny Dietrich on a restart with 2 to go. I think this is the first time he's won in quite awhile. Lincoln cancels after rain hits.

Heading out myself tonight to Georgetown Speedway for USAC East Coast sprints and modifieds
Not even worth going on to the track anymore can’t even have a discussion online.
Zeb Wise and with the All Stars rained out the Rudeen car make a last lap pass on Macri to win at Williams Grove
Want to explain what we are looking at? Looks like a stock yard auction site. :idunno:
I'm going to guess that is El Paso County Speedway he mentioned above...but I agree they also have rodeos there.
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