MLB 2020

The Cardinals should be told to come back in 21. 55 games in 46 days is going to be a nightmare and more so for those teams having to play my White Sox
Was lowkey hoping we could just tell the Cards to pound sand for the year. Making their opponents play a bunch of doubleheaders screws up their schedules too.

Boston turned into a bottom-feeder in a hurry.

Fuck off you

Can the Phillies bullpen hold an 8 run lead in the 9th let's find out
I do like my come from behind Braves wins in the last ininning!
Saturday nite - Braves 6 Phillies 5.
Seeing no love for Giolito’s no no the other night. This White Sox team is super fun, one of the few times in my life it’s been awesome to be a White Sox fan
Best part of that story is Yankees 110 million dollar payroll compared to the Rays 29 million dollar payroll.
Kudos to the Rays though. They usually find a way to ball on a budget. If the Yankees have to lose to anyone I went it to be the Rays.

Yanks are reeling hard now. Obviously the long layoff and lack of real spring training has affected everyone but the injuries are an annual occurrence with this team. Can’t even make it to 30 games without a third of the team falling apart.
Phillies seem to be in full on choke mode and the injuries are mounting. At this point I'd rather miss the playoffs then watch this horrid bullpen pitch in it.
Goofy playoff format this season might lead to some substantial upsets. #2 and #3 in the AL are already on the brink of elimination.
The Marlins finally lost a playoff series. I think they were the only Big 4 pro sports franchise yet to be eliminated in the postseason.
Blow this team up. Bunch of overpaid regular season heroes that piss themselves each postseason. Not much excuse anymore now that perennial chokers Dodgers and Nationals are going to and winning WS titles.
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