MLB 2023 Season

Schwarbomb! 19
And that game was my fear, 3 hits 1 run.
These announcers saying it wasn’t intentional. But I mean, Garcia had the home run where he kinda milked it and then next time up he gets hit? Yeaaaah. I don’t know Chief, seems like it could be intentional to me..
Ugh so many stupid mistakes get the Phillies behind early Sanchez forgetting how many out their were was just dumb.
Looks like the Rangers are going to win the AL unless they blow an 8 run lead in the 7th.

I honestly don't know what to expect from the NL game 7 at this point. The Phillies really were disappointing today.
Yeah I've seen this before...
There it is...congrats Arizona go Rangers
I guess we just want to get guys some pitches before the off-season at this point...why lift wheeler here.
10-0 in the 3rd inning. They should call a TKO and stop the suffering..
10-0 in the 3rd inning. They should call a TKO and stop the suffering..
That got entirely too close to ugly entirely too close to the end. Listened to the first 4 innings and watched the last 5... holy crap. \
And my home team won....yet I still feel sick about that game.
Glad I DVD'd it and that I can delete it without watching the blowout.

So disappoint!
Brian France would have reset us up with another game seven reset topped off with a 7th inning reset.
,,,, Damnit Sheet Fire UnResets!
We lost to a team that went down 4-1 in the world least they won congrats Rangers.
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