NASCAR at LeMans


On corner exit, this engine sounds a bit different from what we are used to hearing. Or am I reaching in this situation?

Sounds the same to me...but I'm not an engine guy
So far it is a nothing burger as far as changes go. Maybe the intent is to run a car as close as possible to a stock Nascar in the race. Time will tell I suppose.
My guess it is a de tuned small block V-8. Haven't heard a peep out of the addition of alternative power additives
the motor is a few years older nascar motor and no electric bs. things have changed alott.and i think the frame is one piece, not the new 3 piece. so not much infor for the new car users
With the 2023 cup schedule now out it will eliminate some speculation on drivers for lemans
With the 2023 cup schedule now out it will eliminate some speculation on drivers for lemans
You would think so, but I can already see the posts saying locked-in drivers could ask for (and will receive) exemptions. That’s just off the top of my head; there’s plenty more tin foil where that came from.

Makes more sense as to why Rockenfeller was in a Spire car out of nowhere, as a test session to see if he was interested in signing on for the big show next year.

I'm all for that lineup, I think that's as good as it gets for this. Jeff and Jimmie, household racing names, HMS royalty, and then Rockenfeller for the LeMans experience he brings to the table. I can't wait.
In the weeks since the first test Bozi has mentioned they’re moving further away from the full Cup car base, some chassis and engine changes possibly. The transaxle mount location may be moving more towards the Suoercars Gen3 setup.
Second car has had some development work at the front with a bigger splitter/dive planes.

I wonder if it has a 6 speed transaxle?

An extra over-driven gear for the Mulsanne at 235 or so.
I’d be shocked if they let this thing go 235, they haven’t had those speeds since introducing the chicanes after ‘89.

The biggest focus I think is getting it quick enough through the corners that it doesn’t get flattened from behind through somewhere like Porsche Curves.
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