nascar ended up with a corrupt race

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by hidesert cowboy, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Clutch

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    Maybe a bit.......but the reality is that he got screwed by the whole deal.
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  2. SpeedPagan

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    NASCAR started out with a corrupted race, now NASCAR ends up corrupted itself.
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  3. PeopleAreStrange

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    Why, because they added a driver that should've been in the chase anyway? Gordon was top 10 in points until Bowyer's spin.

    Thank you NASCAR! :headbang:
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  4. BobbyFord

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    I can only imagine the cheer from the crowd if Bowyer blows up or gets punted during The Chase :D
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  5. StandOnIt

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    as part of the post race inspection, top 5 drivers and one random driver will take lie detector tests, except Penske drivers. They are already on double secret probation.
  6. dgrblue4

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    lots of big conspiracy talk out here. black sox scandal and all. you are all nuts if you think this is the first time something like such has happened. Come on guys and gals, this is nascar, they throw cautions in races with "mysterious" debris on the track all the time. cars slow for others all the time. only now because of the chase and the extreme mediocrity of the field, this is all of a sudden a "huge deal". you need to get over it. so a couple of drivers tried to get a teammate in the chase. if it were you out there, you think that you would just not help. what is lost on this is why penske gets the perverbial pass, when they did the same thing. Seems they were already on probation, and Nascar did not want to take them out. So, we have Logano in under questionable circumstances, Truex kicked out, Newman in circumstantially, and Gordon just arbitrarily added. Good job Nascar. you got your playoff, and you got ESPN to buy your bill of goods.
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  7. ted@economy

    [email protected] in the interest of equal time

    Welcome to the forum dgrblue4 . Great to have new opinions . Some folks even wanted Clint kicked out of the chase for following car owner orders like Gilliland and Vickers . And then , the guy who suffered the most ,turned out to be Truex , who did nothing (but folks were ok with that) . Certainly a very strange sequence of events , and all seemed to be aimed at MWR and Toyota . Anyway , they have a defense for all of the other times that the same thing was done , so I guess this time was different somehow.
  8. VaDirt

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    Actually, he was in 11th. Points aren't awarded until after the race. :p
  9. Dwayne

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  10. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    So now what boyz? Spinout Boyer falls back to 9th, Pit boy Vickers blows up, And lilly white Truex finishes way back in 18th..Somebody is pickin on poor ol MWR? More like MVR should have learned the first time when they go way over the grey area good things don't happen to ya. Free pass Logano some say? KaBOOM. back to the end of the line 37th and 11th in the chase. Newman and Gordon the lowest in the points race but not cheating are both ahead of Clint in the chase. Looks to me that Nascar by trying to do the right thing and what happened to the loose ends on the track has got it pretty much right.
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