NASCAR - Television Ratings Thread

3.31M for Cup at Richmond, 795k for Xfinity

Same Cup number as COTA.
Its about that point in the season where NASCAR becomes pretty competition-resistant and the same base is watching each week no matter what, with some exceptions for the bigger events with more casual interest like Talladega, Chicago, Brickyard, etc. Especially with it being the inflection point where most races jump to cable.
Ratings were flat on Sunday.

Not bad news considering the race was on cable and was directly up against the Caitlin Clark experience on ABC.

In contrast the women's NCAA final was up 89% from 9.9 million viewers in 2023 and up 103% from 4.85 million viewers in 2022.
Can someone please offer Caitlin a ride in the Cup Series?????
Didn't you say you couldn't care less about basketball? Even after multiple attempts? LOL
The Caitlyn Effect is astonishing!!!

After watching a few of her games, I said that she turned me into a basketball fan.

The women's game is more enjoyable IMO. The pacing is better, and they play more basketball and less foulball.
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