NASCAR Ticket Specials (From the track ticket office only!)

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    Another good one. 1 adult ticket- 1 junior ticket and a JJ Q&A for $60.


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    I just received this email and I like this deal.

  5. Johali

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    Another one.


    This year, you will have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A session with two of NASCAR's most promising young drivers, Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace.

    The Q&A will be held in the drivers meeting tent from 10:30-11:00 a.m. prior to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series practice on Saturday, November 17. Fans who purchase this package will also receive the following:

    • Ticket to the Ford EcoBoost 300 (Nov. 17) and Ford EcoBoost 400 (Nov. 18)
    • Pit pass for both days, giving the attendee access to exclusive areas in the infield
    • Access to the post-race championship celebration for both days
    • 30 minute Q&A session with Blaney and Wallace
    • $50 donation to charitable foundations supported by Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace
    All for only $139!
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    I just received this email. It looks like a good deal.


  9. Johali

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    Another email another really good deal.


    Save almost 60 percent on your Monster Mile trip this fall by purchasing our Frontstretch Flash Sale for the Sunday, Oct. 7 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series playoff race!
    The Flash Sale includes:

    • Two lower frontstretch tickets for Oct. 7!

    • Two FanVision rentals!

    • Total cost is only $99, a savings of $140!

    Don’t miss out on NASCAR’s postseason at Dover!

    ORDER HERE TODAY | 800-441-RACE | Schedule
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    Emails keep on coming. This is a good one also.


    Monster Mile Youth Nation is a youth movement for race fans age 12 and under. It’s free to explore on race weekend; just look for the kids’ area next to the FanZone.

    Looking for the right time for your young NASCAR fan to attend their first race? Dover International Speedway is the place for you!

    Enjoy our Monster Mile Youth Nation Ticket Package for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series playoff race on Sunday, Oct. 7. The $20 package includes:

    • A Sunday Junior ticket (kids 12 and under)
    • A FanVision rental
    • A welcome gift
    Don’t forget to visit our Monster Mile Youth Nation headquarters near the FanZone during our Oct. 5-7 NASCAR tripleheader weekend. Remember, Junior tickets for our Friday and Saturday races are FREE.
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    Don't be sticking that tongue out while you're talking to the Johnson. ;)
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    Just got an email from Pocono saying that kids 12 and under will get in for FREE for all 3 2019 Sunday events!! That's huge!!
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    Hey guys. This ain't from the track but whatever. I bought NH2 a while ago and never used the $50 SMI coupon it came with. I won't be making it to any races this year so someone should use it while it's still good. First person to PM me gets the code.
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    Today's the deadline for Pocono renewals for 2019 to get the 20% discount. I buy a total of 11 tickets (four in June, seven in August). One of the seven in August is a kid's ticket, so they only populated six tickets into my renewal package (I assume thinking that it's free). I renewed everything on line Tuesday but this year the kid turns 13! He's a big kid too, nobody is going to pass him for 12. Trying to call and get this all straightened out. If they're busy at the office they farm you off to a call center where people have no idea what you're talking about. Just got off the line with them at the call center and they were unaware that under-12's were free this year. Nice gesture but they need to tighten it up over there. Have to keep after them.
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    Don't wait for a package for Sonoma.....Great track, great people, great weekend. Heading there for the third time this summer. Absolutely awesome.
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