NBA 2021-2022

Al Horford is still a beast though. One of my all-time favorite basketball players going back to his days at Florida
The Four ‘04s were a great bunch. Can’t believe someone from that group is still kickin’ in the NBA, and well.
At one point over the last few years I thought the Warriors’ window had closed after the injuries, but I was way wrong. Good to see them win another title. I know many are tired of them, but I think they’re a great group. And any time a Boston team loses a championship is also a great moment.

Hopefully Steph gets his FMVP.
Pretty sure Breen said "Spectacular finish to another spectacular career for Steph Curry." He's really racking up those careers.

Seriously though, you can tell in his emotional reaction how long and difficult the road back has been. Rarely has a fourth title felt so hard earned.
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