New directive could 'close down all motorsport' in EU, claims UK body

It requires compulsory unlimited third-party liability insurance to be carried by anyone using any form of motorised transport, in any location.

That includes everything from ride-on lawnmowers and tractors to single-seater and saloon competition vehicles – even at private venues like race circuits – throughout the EU.

This means crashes in motorsport events would be treated as road traffic accidents, and would involve the police as would any road traffic collision.
Yeah, this will be handled before this goes into effect. This is the same type of overblown reductio absurdum panic we saw in the states a couple of years ago when some folks interpreted a piece of legislation as shutting down auto racing. What was that law again? Something about fuel? Safety? I don't remember exactly because ... (wait for it) ... it never had any impact on the sport. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
What a crazy development. Hope these ideas don't make it here in the states.
Why does the UK even care they are leaving the EU
Why does the UK even care they are leaving the EU

(Reading this in Travis Tritt "I tired of pretending that I don't care anymore" is highly recommended)

Does the UK even care
that they don't even care
that they don't care,
!!!!!!!! O M G !!!!!!!!
!!!!! H I L A R I O U S !!!!
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