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SoCal Race Fan
Feb 24, 2013
Re: Spirit v Led Zep:

I listened to a lot of Spirit in the early 70s. At the time I thought they were a real good local band.

Lots of SoCals (from surfers to jocks) had all their stuff on 8-track to bump in their cars/vans. I still listen to them (and Jojo Gunn) once in a while. They accomplished a lot and are still a good listen. It’s kind of funny that they were also a bit like Zep, many of their songs had acoustic guitar intros that evolved into rock songs/ballads. As forgotten as they are, Spirit was a real good band w great songs.

All that being said, I think this whole lawsuit thing is a joke. A few notes are very similar but the songs are totally different. It’s not even a very good Spirit song.

I think the decision was correct.
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