NFL 2023-2024

WTF Lions, why run the ball on 1st and 2nd down They deserve to lose. Awful play calling. Is Press Taylor calling the plays

The third down screen play was also poor. GB was no longer laying back once they were in the red zone, those calls would have been more appropriate if they were still at midfield.
Detroit is sitting pretty in their division and will host a home playoff game, barring a total collapse. Their offense being inconsistent is one thing. Their defense being a joke is a deeper problem. They couldn't stop the Chargers at all, barely beat Justin Fields, and today made Jordan Love look like a superstar. This isn't going to get it done against any good teams.
Ravens got 3 of their next 4. That's 4 out of 5 counting last week. then the last 2 are Miami and Pittsburgh. I might be done watching youtube tv
If a DB barely snags a jersey, refs are trained to see that, boom, easy holding flag. Yank on a receiver's arm behind his back for two or three seconds, we're not so sure, probably just incidental contact.
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