NFL 2023-2024

Chargers defense in need of a complete overhaul with the exception of only a few guy's
Win. 10-1.

Still waiting for them to play a complete game.
That may have been the worst one since the Jets loss...which looks worse and worse the more you see of the Jets.
And next Monday is Jaguars/Bengals which should be a blowout but the Cardiac Cats (Jags) love to make games much more stressful than they need to be.
**** the Chargers, I guess I just need to hope the Jaguars do all this the hard way.

Although I don’t think that game in a few weeks will have me laughing as much as last years game did. 😳 @LibertyU24
Heres a hat I had signed in 2000. Anthony Mitchell is on it.
The Broncos are looking like playoff contenders. Great coaching job by Payton.
I’m afraid to say you’re right, as an admitted Payton hater, but it’s sure trending that way.

Vance Joseph’s defense is also a LOT better the past five or so games.
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