Old School NASCAR Moments

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    Rusty Wallace's only career restrictor plate win, the 1998 Bud Shootout:

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    Neil Bonnett wins the 1983 Busch Clash with a last-lap pass after winning a wild card berth into the race:

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    Barnburner. Love Jackie Stewart in the booth during the old telecasts.
  6. On this day, 20 years ago, Ricky Rudd wins at Rockingham
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  7. 15 years ago today, Dale Jr grabs his 1st career win at Talladega
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    Man, the wicker-bill plate package was fun. Don't know why NASCAR went away from it.
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    1993 was 1st year for automated scoring
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    Such good racing
  11. 21 years ago, Ward Burton grabs his 1st career win at Rockingham

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  12. On this day 20 years ago, Jack Sprague wins in the truck series at Phoenix.
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  13. On this day 14 years ago, Kurt Busch wins at Atlanta
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    Yesterday it was 30 years ago when Dale Earnhardt won in Atlanta as the only car on the lead lap and secured his 2nd Winston Cup Championship.
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    14 years ago today on November 3, 2002, Johnny Benson gets his only career Cup win at Rockingham.

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    I didn't hear the terms "side drafting" or "aero push" even once, although these aerodynamic effects were very much in evidence in the visual images. Maybe the announcers didn't know what they were seeing, or maybe they knew but figured their audience wouldn't so remained silent on the topic. I guess that is what we mean by "the good old days before aerodynamics ruined the sport?"
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    Most bestest finish ever...
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    LOL. Not even in the same stratosphere as todays locked down cars.
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    I still have this race on VHS, yep one of the bestest finishes of all times, Earnhardt up the middle.
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  23. on this day 12 years ago, Dale Jr wins his 2nd straight fall race at Phoenix
  24. Bringing this thread back from the dead for the off-season. Just watched this one the other day. The 93 Winston 500
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    One of my favorite races........ Jeff Gordon wins the Winston Million
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    old school is our profile pic
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    I watched it all for the first time, Thanks to the Army, I was back in RVN at the time, no TV there.
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    One of NASCAR's biggest brain farts

    My favorite part is how Mark handled himself. Not many of today's drivers(including some I root for) could admit they screwed up so royally and take a ribbing from a fellow competitor on television like that.
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  30. Fun race at Michigan. Great battle between Earnhardt and Richmond and pretty good finish as well
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    Old School Family Race Team


    "The Elliotts of Dawsonville are silver-haired George, 61, and his three redheaded sons: Ernie, 37, the crew chief and engine builder; Dan, 34, Ernie's assistant and the invisible one; and Bill, 29, the driver and chassis man."
    "For five years the family stayed mostly with the local short tracks. George broke his son into Grand National racing in 1976 by entering him in eight races, of which Bill finished two. In '77 George bought Roger Penske's race car when Penske shut down his NASCAR team after three years of trying and just one win to show for it. For the next five years the Elliotts stretched the equipment and squeezed the dollars. Their crew consisted of a few Dawsonville boys, and a couple of times their car was a Race Fan Special—a fan could get his name painted on the car for $100."
    "Richard Petty's been preaching to us all year—scolding us—that if you've got an advantage, you don't show it," says George [Elliott]. "He says you shouldn't run away with it; that's not the way to do it. But that holds only if you're not legal. Feathering the throttle is what you do because you don't want to get tore down by the technical inspectors."

    -- Yes, Bill Elliott is my favorite NASCAR driver.
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