Racing Around the Rules - How to win.... The Unfair Advantage

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by StandOnIt, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. StandOnIt

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    This is hilarious some of the grey area parts and pieces and out right cheating that has been done. Ray Evernham at the end of the clip explains what the "Godzilla" car I think it was called was and what France thought about it.

  2. Whiskyb

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    That was great
  3. Hawaii808

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    Great video, even with time past since the "creativity", some of them still felt un easy telling these tales.
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  4. Formerjackman

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    Loved that video. Jim Busby is one of my sports cars racing heroes. Good to see him again.
  5. acmerocket

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  6. DRS3

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    Andy put camber in Harry Gant's rear end and he became Mr September. ..
  7. StandOnIt

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    not sure I believe Andy's story about using the spoiler trick only once. Yeah it was a way over the line mod, but what an advantage that would be. Wonder if Andy and Rodney Childers ever talked about that and Harvick's spoiler idea came about.:p
  8. Team Penske

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    very entertaining.:pbjtime:

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