Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

He was in hospital with COVID-19 and double pneumonia last May and recovered from that.

Hopefully he beats this ... lots of respiratory disease out there.

Front row, fourth from right is Crafton
Second row, 2nd from right David Starr, 4th from right Mayfield, 6th from right Skinner
Back row, 4th from left Bill Lester, 5th from left Kvapil, 4th from right Bobby Hamilton

2nd row, 6th from left is Geoff Bodine.

Dennis Setzer in front, Jack Sprague right behind him. Ted Musgrave sitting next to Sprague. Steve Park next to Kez. Andy Houston on the far right, pedophile Rick Crawford next to him.

Lots of familiar faces in the front row, as well as the tall blonde guy next to Bodine, but I'm struggling to name them.
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