Rolex 24 at Daytona

Brian Johnson should have Back in Black playing anytime he's on camera.
My friend christian helped Brian start that team. It's a very old chassis, i have a picture of it somewhere when they first picked it up. It was one of those going-out-of-business buys.
It's amazing Allen can get back in a car after this... The reference the commentators made about flashing back to contact with Ferrari 458's.

My only complaint about speeds coverage is I wish they would cut down on the interviews. We don't need to hear an interview every 5 minutes.
And they thought AJ would crush under pressure...then McNish slides the tires into turn 1...
ok, 3 way driver change. 4 cars on lead lap. This is about to get nasty...esp if AJ and McNish find eachother in the paddock.
I think AJ just bounced up. I dont think he banged McNish on purpose the first time
Sorry, but every time I hear the Ricardo Zonta commercial, I hear "I am a goddam driver"
pulling luhr out to put delziel in is going to be a waste of time. They're just shooting themselves in the foot.
so they're gonna pul luhr out, put delziel in, pull him out, and put Popow or Potolicchio in, assuming McNish is done for the race?

Meanwhile Pruiett and AJ are in to the finish. NEither of them are likely to be fatigued by the end.

Starworks, what ARE you thinking?
Oh wow Pruett and the 01 just had a huge mess up and now they just got a speeding pit road penalty. They are going to be really pissed now. There goes their race.
prueitt a lap down with a bad transmission. Shortfilled for a timed run then sped down pit road in 3rd gear
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