Rolex 24 at Daytona

AJ, delziel, Nasr. Pruett is 1 down, pablo 2 down. gt a caution or 2 and we'll have a 5man race again. Pruett missing 3rd gear though wont help on a restart or in the hairpins. He's pretty much out of it.
What happened to going to all those commercials before so we could get them out of the way? There is less then 25 mins to go now. They better stay with the race the rest of the way.
lol michael waltrip into the wall. Just do us all a big favor and stay off the track and stay out of the booth. The guy is horrible everywhere.
I swear he probably waited 24 hours to say "golden opprotunity"
great race from what i saw. congrats to shank and company. hope this is a good omen for aj's cup year.
IMO After the big teams beat themselves, there wasn't enough action. Part of that might be how hyped up the race was about the 3:1 ration of GT's to DP's. There were 60 cars total, 45 GT and 15 DP. But Suntrust was out, Gainesco was out, all they had left was ganassi. After Pruett trashed the gearbox, I think the announcers, for that last hour, didn't really know what to do. Even with both ganassi cars (say around 10AM this morning), they still seemed a little lost because they're used to camera hogging on the suntrust/gainesco/ganassi quartet. Michael shank usually isn't even mentioned. As usual, GT was the red headed step child and only got an update every now and then.

They need more DP's. Even with the small teams. Matt Young said he's hoping to have his program ready soon, but he's been saying that since I was on myspace (that's a good 4 years).
Congrats to AJ Allmendinger , Justin Wilson and the whole Shanks team. A great drive.
Congratulations to AJ, Justin and all of the Shanks team! Great job representing NASCAR, AJ!!

And a huge shout out to the Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year 2011, Andy Lally & team! Great way to return and show you are indeed, a champion!! Tough luck to TRG..... ha...
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