Rumor: NASCAR passes on extension offer from Monster Energy

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by ChexOrWrex, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Team Penske

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    Yes, it is now legal to smoke pot in any area where cigarettes are allowed.
    Mind you, you can only have a limited amount in your possession and you can only grow 4 plants at a time..
  2. Hotrod

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    I think this is where NASCAR should look. The Microsoft /Xbox/Gaming segments of the industry.

    Then you take all those empty seats at the track and install gaming booths (even simulators) where you can
    race against the on track action in virtual real time. I can see a time when fans have a pull behind
    race simulator trailer and plug in when parked on the fence or wherever the motorhomes park.

    There are so many possibilities. But somehow connect "Live" gaming to the "Live" on track racing.

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  3. AuzGrams

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    It is if from what I'm inferring - Team Penske is talking about Canada.

    I wish marijuana was federally legal so we could have more sponsors in NASCAR. A marijuana vaporizer company I believe tried to sponsor Carl Long's Cup car I believe last year or in 2017 at Kansas.
  4. RacerrecaR

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    Or better yet, NASCAR should invest a few million $ per year into their video game to help attract new fans to the sport & engage long-time fans. Many people seriously underestimate the impact sports video games have on the actual sports viewership/attendance. This is by no means the primary factor in NASCAR viewership decline, but ever since the video game quality went downhill the viewership/attendance numbers also went downhill.

    A Microsoft/Sony sponsorship would certainly be beneficial to NASCAR.
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