SRX RACE thread --- Nashville Fairgrounds

Sad that this is the last race. These have been fun to watch.
Elliott vs Elliott tonight.

I think NASCAR has a lot to be learned from this series. I think going forward all races that aren’t Crown Jewels need to be 400 miles/laps max and road course races need to be similar laps to IndyCar or F1. The quick format works really well
I’ve never seen a race at FGS before, I’m excited to the see it. Cheering for the Awesome fella who drives the 9
The Bill v. Chase show. Smoke sure is a great promoter.

Also, I’m pretty sure Awesome Bill got some help this week. He hasn’t been remotely competitive in any of the other 5 races and is gapping Chase in this one lol.
Give awesome Bill a decent car and he looks pretty good

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Be interesting to see how the Elliott's do in this heat

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I have to admit this broadcast team is pretty damn good

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