They have a video game, which isn't surprising since Tony has been putting out dirt games in the last couple years.
A Matt Weaver statement:

Matt Weaver

Paul Tracy says today's professional motorsports is sterile. He says Superstar Racing Experience is bringing personality back to racing.

Does anyone here care what Paul Tracy says or thinks? I sure do not, but, I never liked the sob in the first place.

Surprisingly, SRX isn't listed on

Please do not let DW drive please, or announce.

I hope for my entertainment, I need a Stewart vs Tracy scuffle/war of words if they happen get into a wreck together. I'd imagine it'd be glorious

It debuts Saturday night from Stafford Speedway in Connecticut for the first of six consecutive weeks that CBS figured will fill an empty summer programming slot. CBS hired veteran motorsports producer Pam Miller to run the broadcasts and assembled a talent team that includes rotating driver analysts Danica Patrick, James Hinchcliffe and Dario Franchitti.
My guess is that Biffle and Helio are gonna dominate but I am gonna pull for Willy.
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