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Discussion in 'Drag Racing' started by StandOnIt, Dec 14, 2018.

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    surprised nobody tagged me on this.

    I found out JL would be helping the SO crew out a few months ago. The partnership makes no sense at all, I think Pennzoil is trying to force it to stick to the wall.

    The bobbing heads of OKC are a disaster. Chief has drug issues, Monza and Chief no longer get along, Chuck is awesome when not pissed off, Kamekaze is absolutely cool, Shane is like an ADHD kid at times. NOLA was a dumpster fire that ended in lawsuit, Kye has sold off pretty much everything, none of the others have really done anything spectacular. Still evaluating Memphis, but there are alot of inconsistencies in the stories.

    Oh, and the TV crew manipulates races. I flagged it when I heard cars pedaling it when they had a big lead. I probed into the crew, and turns out the TV folk want the huge margins tightened up.
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    It's The Cardashions. I've never watched a whole episode. Just completely fake and bull****. Sorry. I. Can't.
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    I watch almost every episode, to each their own. 12 seasons worth.
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    Damn, and I had such high respect for you.:)
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    We watched for awhile, seemed a bit staged to me
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    Alot of what is said in the pull-out interviews are scripted and the producers don't know their head from a hole in the ground, so you see and hear alot of completely irrelevant BS from the racers and crew and the producers will take it and run. Sometimes i think it's an intentionally bad jab at the production crew to see how stupid the show can look on TV.

    The racing used to be and still mostly is real, but the drivers have been coached to close up the top end gaps. The fear is that if there is too much distance between cars, other cities will not want to be called out.

    The No Prep Kings tour is honestly where it's at. Wilhoit, Murrillo, and the other guys that struggle on the street, clean house on a no-prep track. Plus alot of the street racers are realizing that it's nothing remotely close to safe to run 4.50's with no walls.

    Prime example has been this whole season of Memphis. Doughboy and Bounty Hunter both had their cars absolutely demolished. Bounty Hunter landed over 200 feet from the road. Same thing with Monza in OKC, landed in the trees, literally.

    Going 5.20's or 5.80 or even 6.20 didn't used to be bad on the street. But with horsepower getting cheap and TV paying well, going 4.50-4.60 on the street has literally turned into a death wish, and many guys refuse to make the leap. That's where NPK got started.
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    Yeah it is all fake, rigged, blah blah blah. Here is a cash days filmed by 1320 video.
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    December 12, 2018

    Perhaps you don't know that Discovery Channel is the #1 cable network among the male audience between 25-54. Meanwhile, Street Outlaws is the network's #1 unscripted series across M25-54, M18-49, and M18-34. Despite the show's "shaky" legal status, Street Outlaws possess the immense fan base, whose members are regularly monitoring the status of the reality television series. As a result, most of you wonder, whether there will be Street Outlaws Season 12 on Discovery Channel? Fortunately, we have exciting news for you, since the show is coming back in May.
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    Love this doc.

    My main issue with the show is that it takes 20 seconds to show a 7 second race and it cuts to different cameras which are in some cases edited in the wrong order so it'll cut from like the start line, to half track, back to the bottom end, etc.
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    Yea, but that's in a money race. That's not seeing who can go up and down the list on camera. Those races are the ones that I have been made aware (after noticing it myself and asking questions to those involved) that are getting rigged to make the margin of victory tighter.
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    why do most of these cars not have anything over the trans,that trans fluid is really hot,not good if you broke a line or would think they would at less have a firewall over it.

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