Super Bowl LVIII

Is Brock Purdy a man or a mouse?
Seriously he has already earned his man card because everyone one of them on the field is a winner.

They usually are only defined as something less by people like me that never ventured past their seats.
MaCaffery is a work horse and shiet happens, some good defense by the 9ers can negate that fumble.

Keep giving the ball to MaCaffery, stick with the horse that bought you to the show.
We dont get any of the commercials down here. Just like Nascar.... Continuous live feed
Slow start for the Swifties probably due the jet lag, but I am still expecting a great finish.
I have a hard time believe the 49ers will be able to keep frustrating Mahomes like this for the entire game, but it is impressive.
More fumbles, drops, mistakes etc than big plays so far.
KC’s disunity and mental mistakes that were prevalent in the regular season have resurfaced

They’re gonna need a serious come to Jesus meeting at the half if they want to get back in this
How do people drive in Las Vegas?

There are so many distractions. Like, that big ass ****** orb, I have to believe that distracts drivers like crazy.
Nor sure of the Stadium local but the smart option imo is not to drive on the Vegas Blvd.
Book a resort hotel close to everything and just walk.

We did that and only rented a car to go to places like the old part of Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon for about two days. The rest of the deal was all by walking.
Taylor needs to give them a half-time Knute Rockne speech

Just think of the millions it would bring in with the lifetime movie deal that it would fetch, and it would probably be big screen material.
Kelce gonna be in trouble
They should save thart for the post game. He needs to be getting more touches, he is a beast that can run after the catch.
I wouldn't discount KC, the Eagles outplayed them last year in the first half and they still won that game.
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