Super Bowl LVIII

All things considered, it’s pretty miraculous KC is only down a score. But they look very undisciplined and, more importantly, have zero answer for the 49ers pass rush. Gonna take some serious adjustments to move the ball more consistently.
Right call and they did. Seems like the trend nowadays is to go for it though.
They didn't like a team that could make a 4th and 6. Walking away with nothing would have been devastating imo.
Usher, Alicia Keys, Cee Lo Green, H.E.R,, Ludacris and Lil' John.

That's what a halftime show is supposed to look like.
just once could we get a Rock band, I havent heard anything so far.
It aint my thing either. I took my shower during half time to avoid all but a few minutes.

No worries after Fergie castrated Slash and Sweet Child of Mine a few years ago during a SB show nothing shocks me.

Usher is incredibily talented and can do anything he wants very well, it just isn't my type of music. Probably as much about age and generation than anything else.
That halftime was mid.

Rihanna was sooooooo much better last year.

Lady Gaga, Dre and Bruno are probably the best performances I've seen in the post-nipplegate era of the Apple Music Halftime Show. This one was in the top-10, as was Rihanna. Beyonce, Timberlake and Katy Perry up there too.
Are they double teaming Kelce? I am not trying to post some snark but he has been a non factor. It is surprising and I don't think that it can stay that way for an entire game
Biggest thing I've learned is I've been saying Temu wrong
The 49ers need to pick it up on offense. They will not keep Mahomes down for the entire game.
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