SuperCar Sunday

What City and community puts these shows on? Where was this one at?
It’s just a local car meet every Sunday in the parking lot of a community college.
Pierce College in Woodland Hills.
There’s a hot truck for snacks and coffee and a couple of vendors selling small items, too.
You cannot educate people that aren’t ready for it.
Tonight there was a guy that claimed he had an original condition 69 Mach 1, R-Code, 4-speed. He wanted to believe the paint was original because it was lacquer. I showed him where the core support was bent and the left front inner apron was dollied out. He said those dents were factory 😵‍💫.
There were emblems on the front fenders that weren’t offered on Mach 1 packages; the front fenders weren’t Mach 1 fenders.
I didn’t ask him what he paid for his “stock, original, R-code Mach 1.”
The motor had plugged, thermactor smog heads on it, too.
Someone saw that guy coming.
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We have a couple of great car shows this weekend.
LAPD Show on Saturday, with MRAP, Off-Road crew, K9, prolly heli, too. Can’t wait.
Sunday is the all GM Show.
Both are at Warner Center Park under the shade trees, prolly 10 high-end food trucks.
It’s going to be a great weekend for cars.
I’ll post pics.
I went to the car show this morning with Paul and Brian. I only took a few pics.
This is my buddy’s 69 Camaro, it’s a documented SS car. It’s also the car that you see on the eBay TV commercial.

A really nice restored 427, 4-speed Fairlane


There was a real nice blue 67 Chevelle SS at the car show I didn’t get pics of it. Unfortunately on the way home I passed it at an intersection, completely totaled in an accident with a Lexus SUV. The Chevelle was through a pole and up on the sidewalk 💔



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I recall the Model A quite well. I delivered newspapers and the family I worked for when doing so, had a son four years older than me. He had a 1930 Model A and at that time we could ride on the running boards. He drove and I ran the papers, standing on the running board between houses. Note in the picture, the exhaust pipe connector. My friend took the lower pipe off, and wired an empty Coke bottle beneath the exhaust. As the exhaust blew into the Coke bottle it made a shrieking sound that could be changed by altering the angle of the bottle. Fun times, crazy kids. The old Model A was painted bright yellow with bright red under the fender wells. After a few weeks, he took the fenders off altogether.
At one time I owned a 1929 Model A pickup truck. It had no title so it could not be registered. I use to drive it on old logging roads and roads cut through the forest in a local state park. It was last seen at a hunting camp where guys used to to drive to spots deep in the woods during deer season. Have no idea what happened to it after that.
The 1940 Ford Coupe was one of the sweetest looking cars ever made. There is nothing like the sound of the 59 A-B block turning over to start and then the soft sound of it running when going through the gears. I had one of these back in the early 1970s. It was a great little car but for some reason, known only to the gods that allow us to make such errors in judgement, I sold it. (sigh) The one shown in the photo is an excellent restoration.
When you own 391 In-N-Out Burgers you can have a pretty nice hot rod. :D
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