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Discussion in 'Sports Car Racing' started by FLRacingFan, Aug 31, 2017.

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    Peugeot announce their intent to join the top class of WEC in 2022, presumably meaning the 2022-2023 season. Much-needed for the series, joining factory or factory-backed efforts from Toyota and Aston Martin and in addition to privateer efforts from ByKolles (lol) and Glickenhaus (with Alfa Romeo power). Somewhat bittersweet though as Toyota had just expressed their interest in integration of DPi into WEC and Le Mans, and this addition probably gives the FIA and ACO enough confidence in their regulations not to pull the trigger on that. Integration probably would've been fairly difficult anyways, although I think there is still some possibility of seeing DPi in its own class of sorts at Le Mans. I'm still not entirely sold on Hypercar - apparently to be called LMPi, I wonder where they got that naming convention from - based upon the whole idea that they will utilize BoP among hybrid and non-hybrid and prototype-based and production-based hypercars.

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    I've never made an effort. What little I know about the series, I've picked up in this forum. I don't even know how WEC races are presented: TV, stream, web, subscription, some other method? It's moot; between the top three NASCAR series, IndyCar, and IMSA, I'm following enough series already.
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    The series is so bad it takes a very determined effort to tune in. Hopefully the Hyper cars will make things better, but I doubt it.

    That's the thing. It gets very little coverage and it's horrible anyway. They spend more time covering the cars sitting still in the pits than they do the actual racing. They almost completely ignore the prototypes except as an after thought, so it may as well be a GT race. They spend way too much time on pre-race nonsense and way too much time on post race nonsense. The coverage alone is bad enough to run people off. It's horrible, but then again, so is the series.

    It would be unwatchable except for Alan McNish's commentary. The other guys in the booth are squids.

    Motor Trend TV, but again, they only cover the first and last hour. Maybe the series really isn't that bad, but the TV coverage is horrendous. This is the way the FIA has always treated sportscar racing, which is why they really shouldn't have a hand in it.

    Life is too short to spend on something that doesn't interest you. I don't want to talk you out of watching, but it's not very good.

    Nascar will still be healthy, and IndyCar is ready to blast off with Penske running things. Those two look really solid.

    IMSA looks like it's going to be really good again, but I think a lot of teams are waiting tp see what DPI/2 is going to look like before they commit. The P2 class was all but dead last year, but it looks like we will be having six or seven full time entries. I still think those cars are being wasted by not letting them go head to head with the DPIs, but the part that makes it worth it is the privateers have a place to race.
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    I concur with your assessment of all three. The Deathbedders scream about NASCAR dying. It's healthy, just returning to the pre-Boom levels of interest. I cannot wait to see what Roger does but I doubt it will be detrimental.

    As to WEC, I'll take your word. It doesn't sound like it's worth investigating Motor Trend TV.

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    More like bedwetters!

    Nascar has lost the hysterical fad edge it had, but any of their races still have more people in the stands than any IndyCar race. They are no longer challenging the NFL for supremacy, but they are still too big to fail. I don't think it's a bad thing the hysteria has lessened to the point you no longer see "the official feminine hygiene products of nascar" on the shelves or nascar air fresheners at Pep Boys.

    Some people think if nascar fails that's going to help IndyCar, but it's never good when racing, any racing, fails,

    I don't think so. Roger has won so much that he wouldn't risk a conflict of interest. I think it will all be above board. You have to look at what he did with Detriot to see what's possible for the series with the right kind of management and promotion. Be happy. The Hulmans weren't taking the sport anywhere, but I think Roger will. This was a lot better than selling the property to real estate developers. It's a lot better than ISC getting it and making the 500 a stock car race.

    It's still a world championship, even if it's just a pathetic excuse for one. The GT racing is spectacular, but I don't really care about that. The prototype division is more like the walking dead, and everyone is in holding until the Hyper cars come out. Maybe that will be good, but I don't think so. Those will have trouble fighting off the P2 cars unless they cripple them with BOP.

    I sure don't want to talk you out of watching, but if you already have a full plate you won't miss it.
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    But, hey. there's still super good news. Rebellion has been on the verge of greatness for a long time, and now they have a factory deal with Peugeot. This shows that privateers still have a chance to make it big in sportscar racing. That's solid news, but we need more privateers to hit it big like that.

    In reality, the highlight of the WEC season for me was Rebellion winning Shanghai after Ginetta was running away with it in the early going. The privateers are the only reason we even had a P1 season this year, so any success they have is well deserved.
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    It didn't take long for the Rebellion/Peugeot alliance to fall apart.

    Rebellion to end its motorsport involvement after Le Mans

    A lot of vague wording in the announcement. Rebellion is apparently gone with no explanation, and there is also no word about what will happen to the actual team and employees. Hopefully Peugeot will absorb them.

    Rebellion has been around a long time, and always on the verge of breaking through into greatness. It doesn't make sense they just pull the plug right as they were set to become a factory team. There's got to be more coming out on this soon. Too much of it doesn't add up.

    Peugeot will be continuing, but we have lost another privateer. With Ginetta's participation now also in question, this was the last thing we needed.
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    Everything’s Great

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    Remember, Aston Martin will be in F1 next year. They will probably be stretching resources thin, so I think the need to focus on F1 and the GT programme they have. The HyperCar would have been great, but I'd rather Aston focus on the big investment they have in F1 for 2021 onwards, hopefully.

    They pulled out of DTM as well, its not great, but Aston Martin as financially deep to really fund all of these projects.
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    Are you shtting me? I thought Mega GT was going to be the best series ever, or at least that's what they told us. Who needs Aston anyway? We've got plenty of privateers to run those $35 million dollar cars.

    Don't we?

    Honestly, best news ever if they play it right. Toyota is going to stay either way, even if it has to build a DPI. Here's our chance to have a universal DPI formula. How many manufacturers do you think will jump all over that? Yeah, makes too much sense, which is probably why it won't happen,

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