The person above you thread..



Say something about the person who typed above you.

is noone *lol*
very handsome (dont know about the speedo, but I believe Cat)
The person above me believes in his/her favorite driver and is very competitive. Will give you a run for your mone in any challenge.
Possibly like those old cartoon network cars that Grissom drove a few years back?
Thinks Bill Elliott is awesome

(BTW the Scooby Doo one was my favorite)
Thinks if someone is parinoid, people may be after them.
Lives in the mountains of Tenn. and seems to like living there.
Ummm, Favorite track is Michigan and would like to live in da sticks :)
After a visit to Alaska would wonder why they call them mountains in Tennessee. :D
Has a handle with more romantic history than any other on this forum.
After a visit to Tennessee would know why we call them mountains not icebergs. :D
Thinks a glacier is that ice sliding down the side of his beer mug. :)
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