The phenomenon of title contenders winning the final race.

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Formerjackman, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Mopardh9

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    I'm going to run a race with 36 cars throughout the season , giving points for every race, rewarding consistency and wins, laps lead throughout the season. No convoluted F'ed up Chase....what is a chase anyway? No local track does it why does Cup insist on a fake, drama instilled ,fabricated Chase with Stages?
  2. Team Penske

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    JG and a few other big time drivers ruined the racing by only racing the last 50 laps and was on cruise control the first half of the race. That was why Nascar had to change the system.
    Stages FORCED drivers to race. The first year did you notice that most stayed on cruise until it finally sunk in they had to race or Truex could win the season before the chase started?
    Most people on here admit that that stage racing has forced the drivers to race more. Trying to earn points 3 times in a race is much better in my opinion.
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  3. Mopardh9

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    Stages are nothing more than a debris caution. There is nothing wrong with saving you car, it's calked strategy, maybe you have heard of it?
  4. Team Penske

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    That is bull crap put forth by people who got a trophy for signing up.
    Racing has nothing to do with saving your car. Saving the car is what you do when you have no chance of winning or your driving for a mediocre team who is going for the pay day.
  5. Mopardh9

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    Omg...then you never watched a post race interview, talk about clueless.
  6. Team Penske

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    I have listened to many driver spout drivel and repeat what they are told to say.
    About 5 years ago I stated changing the channel after the race to spare myself the sponsor garbage. I listened to Tony rage about somebody is going to get killed then he went on the track and wrecked another car. Race car drivers have to ability to drive real fast and see everything in slow motion, smart has nothing to do with it.
  7. Jeff Turner

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    Certainly not me, except for when I'm watching football or baseball of course.

    Unfortunately, the people who DO care about it are the Nascar bosses who looked at the way the attendance and TV ratings always spike for the "playoffs" in those other sports and decided they are hell-bent on finding a way to get a piece of that pie. They don't realize they were already eating that pie - it was just spread out throughout the season.
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    Isn't it strange how some people that have never driven a race car in an actual race think they know and understand how a top race car driver is able to do his job. I know because I tried it but wasn't very good at it. I knew that I didn't have the skills to make crucial decisions at high rates of speed. I could have made it on local short tracks but it was too much of a commitment for me to make at the time and I'm proud of the fact that I recognized this and pursued other endeavors. Know your limitations is advice that my pop gave me and damn good advice it was and still is.
  9. pjmolo

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    Auto racing is indeed not like a stick and ball sport but NASCAR, with its way of determining a champion, is trying to be like stick and ball sports.

    Unlike those sports, in an auto racing series all the teams play in the same "game" at the same time.

    So after a certain number of events, where every competitor has competed against every every other competitor, why isn't the competitor with the best overall finishes in those events simply declared the champion ?

    I agree, the playoff elimination format, and the previous Chase format for that matter, is really not meant to be.
  10. Jeff Turner

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    When they started this whole idea of a playoff back in 2004 I really thought itwas unnecessary, but if they insisted on doing something to drive up interest in the end of the season, the easiest way, as I said before, would have been to simply make the later races worth more points. That's the kind of change that is much easier to tweak and/or scrap, based on how it played out from year to year.
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