Tim Steele

He was the man of the ARCA Series in the mid 90s. We've lost so many of our motorsports legends these last few days.:(
yes he was I remember going to many races at Charlotte in the 90s when he totally dominated. He would have went a long way without the injury.

I have no idea if the serious injuries he sustained are in any way connected with his early passing, but I did get to talk to him a couple times post injury, (circa 2000-2001) and at that time he clearly was not right, even though he returned to race successfully for a short period of time. He was THE man for a while in ARCA, and his misfortune paved the way for the complete and utter dominance of Frank Kimmel and the Larry Clement team. I ended up working on some of the former Bud Moore cars that Tim probably would have driven. All of these years gone by, and I never realized he was a few months younger than me. Rest in peace Tim, you were one of the best ever in ARCA.
I remember Tim ran some races for Bobby Allison in the Cup series but he didn't have much luck. I also remember his car sitting on jack stands and blowing up from a nitrous bottle in the frame rail,wild times back in those days. He had a great career in ARCA and was a really nice guy. RIP
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