time is right for nascar seniors tour

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by bigspud, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. kkfan91

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    Heck I saw him running a sprint car a few times this year and he really wasnt that impressive doing that.
  2. Blaze

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    I'd personally watch, but I like just watching a race and miss having them right now. I'd surely take it.
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  3. gone

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    Legends car racing came out of this idea, back in 1991 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. They prepared some cars that were similar to the current Cup cars and were painted like how the participating veteran drivers' more famous cars looked (including numbers). After a meet-and-greet / autograph session, they put the drivers into the cars and out onto the 1/4 mile flat track that they'd made out of paving two narrow turns in the infield between the front stretch and pit lane.

    They had some trouble with driver health problems, as well as some of the cars, so not all of the drivers actually raced. They also realized that getting these guys together to do this again would not be easy. Several drivers admitted that this race reminded them why they retired in the first place...

    With the 1/4 mile track already built, and noting that stock car fans also liked the old modified cars, the brass at Charlotte Motor Speedway founded 600 Racing (now US Legend Cars) to run on it. The cars were supposed to be relatively cheap, easy to work on, and fit into the back of a pickup truck... of course like most racing series that soon got out of hand...
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    Which is why every SMI big oval has a 1/4 oval on the infield.
  5. gone

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    Yep. The quarter mile is supposed to represent Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem... although the space limitations between Charlotte's front stretch and pit lane were more the determinant...

    Ironically, 600 Racing didn't get along with Bowman Gray promoters very well so after just a couple of years Bowman Gray quit running the Legends cars regularly. For a while they ran them once a year - on qualifying night for their big modified race weekend in early August, but I'm not sure they're still doing that.
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    Famous racecar drivers eventually retire from professional auto racing, usually after their talents have eroded.

    Racing after retirement is something few undertake. Sterling Marlin is one of those. In poor health, he continues to do something that sustains him. He has a powerful enough reason.

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