Trackhouse Entertainment Group announces PROJECT91 initiative

“Project 91’s mission is to activate the intersection point of NASCAR racing and global motorsport culture,” said Marks.
“I truly believe the Next Gen car represents an opportunity for NASCAR to enter the global professional motorsport conversation.
“We now have a race vehicle with international technological relevance where world-class drivers from other disciplines can compete at NASCAR’s highest level without the steep learning curve that the previous generation cars required.”

But who should the team pick to drive it?'s writers have picked out their candidates.

Nick Tandy and Colton Herta gets my attention. Hoping Jordan or Ricky Taylor get a shot at a road course
the glass is always half empty lol
Don't get me wrong, I still question how competitive these one-off drivers will be, especially with current limits on practice time. That won't stop me from enjoying watching them take their shots.

Kimi's a darn sight better for the sport's international growth than a Cup retiree returning.
I think expecting Kimi to finish top 25 would be generous. Cup Drivers are so good at road courses now, 10-15 years ago he'd be the ultimate road course ringer. I am excited to see him in a Cup car though, this is going to be insane. He's going to be my pick em pick for Watkins Glen. I gotta see Kimi wheel it at Dega.
This news has made my day, almost like I’m the one getting to go race at Watkins Glen.

Two of my favorite facets of motorsport. Kimi of F1 fame, back to haul ass in a NASCAR. Let’s go!
I think this is interesting to put it in a different perspective. Jimmie Johnson retired from NASCAR in his 40s and I think we will all agree he wasn't a contender to win races anymore. Now we have KImi who is in his 40s coming to run a cup race with a total of one truck and one Busch race experience. Realistically we would probably expect Jimmie to finish around 20th if he came do you all think Kimi is going to do better?
Of course I look at it differently. Nobody expects much from Raikkonen. What the extra F-1 fan group that tunes into the race (and me) want is to see him interviewed, hear what he has to say about the car and the race. He probably will have a camera in the car or a mic or both.
I guess this is the year I finally make it to Watkins Glen after living within 2 hours of it and going to 20+ races, but never there.
Or Dario Franchitti, and he was far more talented that Patrick.

It crosses my mind that Jimmie's lasted a lot long in IndyCar than Dario's stock car experiment.

Jimmie is able to sell sponsorship a lot easier a 7 time NASCAR champion to IndyCar than Dario is with some IndyCar titles and Indy 500’s.
Jimmie is able to sell sponsorship a lot easier a 7 time NASCAR champion to IndyCar than Dario is with some IndyCar titles and Indy 500’s.
I remember some of that time Dario was in nascar that 40 car was unsponsored for some of it
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