Trackhouse Entertainment Group announces PROJECT91 initiative

Jimmie is able to sell sponsorship a lot easier a 7 time NASCAR champion to IndyCar than Dario is with some IndyCar titles and Indy 500’s.
And running IndyCar for a season costs less, with shorter races and a shorter schedule.

But that was just a casual aside. My primary point was being good in one or even many forms of motorsports doesn't guarantee being proficient in ALL of them.
Looks like the generic Next Gen mule to me.
Also looks like testing.
I wondered which Prototype that was on Kimi's outside.
LMP3 car, looks like a private test day for about 25 various IMSA-sanctioned support/ladder series entries.

The Cup car is the test mule Action Express built up for initial Next Gen testing, hence the #31. Sounds like Rocky’s G56 program is getting pretty serious.
“Leave me alone ... I know what I am doing.”

Look at the size of that front airfoil windshield wiper on Kimi's car. LOL. I guess that's not yet a Nascar-issued spec part.

Here's a spy photo of the new windshield wiper Gibbs and TRD are planning for Watkins Glen...
I wonder if Marks has started talking to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen yet? 😎
C'mon GM, do the thing and sign Kimi.

I can't be the only one thinking that.

Inject Kimi driving the GTP Caddy or C8.R into my veins directly.
I would love it but I would be surprised to see Kimi moving to America to run a full schedule.

I think he just moved his family to Italy to get his son going in Go Cart racing.
Kimi’s debut, along with a few others, seems to have struck the bullseye. More are wanting to get a sample of our racing culture? Have at it!

I (perhaps selfishly) hope Kimi decides to run a few more after that outing.
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