Tulsa Shootout 2024

Myles Rowe (Penske's Chosen One) apparently shared and then almost immediately deleted a photo of him with a micro in HMD livery on Instagram. Make of that what you will.

Tulsa Shootout Entry List Features 1,600+ Entries And Big Stars​

Leading the way this year is the Stock Non-Wing division with 387 entries. The Winged A-Class currently sits at 380 entries, and the Non-Wing Outlaw division currently has 350 entrants. The Winged Outlaw class is at 237 entries while Restricted A-Class is at 142, and finally the Junior Sprints have 113 competitors entered to race.


#1. DO NOT DOPE YOUR TIRES! They will be confiscated. You will be disqualified. pic.twitter.com/86EexYgYuM
— TulsaShootout (@TulsaShootout) December 26, 2023
Of course, officials are referring to the illegal use of chemicals or gasses to enhance the characteristics of tires on a race car. Tire doping can lead to competitive advantages including better grip, better heat management of the tire and improved traction.

Tech officials will be keeping a close eye on tire doping throughout the five-day event and disqualifying teams found to be in violation of the zero tolerance rule.

#2. Teams will also need to be on their best behavior in the pit area and on the ramp that leads from the pit area to the raceway. Any driver/team caught fighting in either of these areas will be issued an immediate disqualification and kicked out of the event for the weekend.

"If you're going to fight, do it one on one. You can pull anywhere from turn three down to turn one and settle it yourselves one on one," Ward said during an interview at the 2022 Chili Bowl Nationals. "Kind of like hockey rules, our crew won't break it up until it gets disadvantaged or on the ground.
Wyatt Miller (Kelly Earnhardts son) wins his heat
Great announcing IMO. Using a street sweeper to clean the inside groove is pretty brilliant.
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