TV Shows

If you have watched all of Bosch on Prime, there's a new series on Freevee (Imdb app), Bosch: Legacy.
Bad Sport on Netflix. There's an episode on 1984 IMSA champion Randy Lanier
Almost finished with season 3 of Snowpiercer.

Rowan Blanchard is an awesome actress. Jennifer Connelly is still hot. And this show is still not as good as the movie, but I love how it expands on the Snowpiercer universe.
New show on FX and Hulu, "The Old Man" starring Jeff Bridges. Ex-C_A agent on the run. Pretty good.
Late to the Yellowstone series, but WOW!
Binged Seasons 1&2, it's like Sopranos on horseback...DVR the remaining Seasons, looking forward to them.

Reality TV is quickly taking over the streaming world. So much so that it appears Warner Bros Discovery is about to only produce reality TV.

I can not stand reality shows. They go to commercial and then when they come back they show you 5 to 8 minutes of what you already have seen and then 5 or 10 minutes of new, then commercial repeat. Plus it is all BS to begin with. The shows are an insult to my intelligence. JMHO
Agent Elvis on's the perfect combination of stupid and hilarious for me. Matthew McConaughey is a crime fighting Elvis.
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