USAC 2023


Swanson is smoking in the Ford powered Silver Crown
Second place in the feature for Jade A.

I was yelling at her to go to the top. 😎
Silver Crown field lining up.

Let’s go, Kaylee Bryson!
TMez's post race interview was basically illegible except when he started with "See, I was nice to Jade! She was nice back!"
hey @kkfan91 is Reimer as good as Bryson and Jade? aso @aunty dive
On any given night … sure. Over many nights in midgets, I’d rate them Jade, Kaylee, Taylor.

And there are others. Mariah Ede has a Keith Kunz ride … she has potential. I’m sure @StandOnIt has a similar list.

I don't look at it that way. Dirt racing in sheer numbers has more females competing in racing than any other racing category and they don't have goon squads critiquing their every move. They help build the sport and I enjoy watching them race.
Today 5/24

USAC Week of Indy at Circle City​

Today · 5:30 PM CDT​

Circle City Raceway hosts two nights of USAC Sprint Car racing during the Week of Indy. Watch USAC Sprint Cars live on FloRacing!
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