VW will use the electric I.D. R for a run up Pikes Peak

Discussion in 'Sports Car Racing' started by StandOnIt, Mar 20, 2018.

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    The fact that the track went from paved to dirt halfway up, and the elevation change are the things that made me a fan of the race. Now that it's completely paved kind of sucks. The elevation change was the big factor in how to tune the engine. Computer controlled fuel injected engines have pretty much minimized that factor. Now we have electric cars with traction control. It's getting hard to see why they continue with this. They should just put in bullet train rails on the road and let them run on that. Everything that made this race so unique, and great are now gone. I know there are still classes for cars like the old days, but with paving, all around driving skill is no longer needed. It has become a race for lighter batteries. It does look pretty fast. And yes, I will still be watching.
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    Given VWs track record it probably really runs on coal
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    I hear ya

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    Two Score and Two year ago, the infamous Doyle Hargrave's commenced to beating the sh!t out his no good worthless band. Simply cause they weren't worth a damn. It was the only and the bestest moment in an otherwise sorryass life. In that brief moment he was a champion to what is good in life.

    These electric awfully silent race cars demand the same kind of response. Beat and smite those that want to pervert something that is pure and beautiful as a beastly as a throaty loud race car. If they are detuned enough to prevent upsetting your senses, all is lost.

    This electric crap needs the Doyle Hargrave's treatment. Michael Waltrip, and Steven Wallace needs it too. Rick Allen and his playoff implications needs some Doyle Hargrave's too......

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