Watkins Glen Pre-Race Thread


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Jun 22, 2011
From what I hear tell it is already a done deal. The Felon has already sent the word out that Chase Elliott better get the Glen win if the people in the local area want to continue enjoying their electricity, and other essential services.

If Chase doesn't get the win Chadly will make sure the power grid goes down in the Watkins Glen area within an hour of the checkered flag. It will stay down indefinitely or at least until the problem is made right at the following race in Daytona.

If Chase ultimately fails to make the playoffs the Felon will step it up by having all five of the finger lakes drained, along with confiscating the areas entire supply of toilet paper.

The Felon has reconsidered matters after attending a celebration of his life banquet that was arranged by his employees in and around the Watkins Glen area. It was a great time for local law enforcement State leaders and for the France family to honour the boss.

The Felon obviously deserves the respect and he so easily demonstrated his graciousness by crediting his law enforcement crew that made the arrest of Brian France in 2018 just hours after the WG Cup race.

The Felon was touched after the long standing ovation that followed with and repeated chants of "Glory to the Felon" and he promised those in attendance that the power grid would not be disabled this time.
He admitted everybody did what they could to get Chase the win today but it wasnt their job to ensure that the team had enough gas in the car.
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