What are you thinking right now?

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to move to a location that does not currently experience -25 degree weather.
I'm thinking it would sure be nice if the NASCAR season lasted 52 weeks per year. Maybe staggering the start and end dates for the top 3 series each season would be a plausible option.
I'm thinking I need to get my butt off of here and in the shower and get to work. It's my day off, but I'm going in to get some overtime. So, I'm basically paying myself time and a half to sit here and play on the internet. That's kind of stupid, isn't it?
I'm thinking I got a lot of stuff done today and still fell like I wasted most of my day and didn't get nearly enough done.
5 more days....5 more days....5 more days.....5 more days....5 more days.....
What I'm thinking of at this moment is I wish this damn rain would stop. I wanna go outside and get into something.
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