What are you thinking right now?

Why cant people text you when they say they will text you? Pathetic.
Thinking why I feel so emotional just by listening to uplifting music. Makes me miss someone. But I dont know who I'm supposed to be missing. :(
I'm thinking the closer you get with someone, the more they can hurt you. Worst, sometimes they don't seem to care.
You can't really experience love until you leave yourself vulnerable and discover that someone can be trusted with that. However, the betrayal of that trust can shake you to the core.
I'm thinking that if it rains in Texas Sunday It will suck.
I'm thinking, rain rain get freakin lost for awhile.
I'm thinking I'd like to drive across the country and back. No reason, just to do it and see the sights.
I'm thinking I want to go fishing but the boat's not ready yet.
Never been too good at it, never really enjoyed it. Large audience tomorrow too. I guess the upside is it's only a couple of minutes.

How did it go?

I'm thinking I'm in a great mood today. :)
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