Xfinity RACE thread --- Daytona

Can Natalie Decker just have a decent finish! She gets so many, what some might call, undeserving opportunities. She needs to show that she actually deserves it. Plus, it'd be super cool if either he or Deegan were to actually win.
Plate racing is just so terrible sometimes anymore. The 500 was a 6 at best.
Andy Petree trying to save Hill's brand, and spending all this time talking about RCR. Lol

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Jesse Love needs shuffled back, not much experience at these type of tracks..
15 laps into a 120 lap race, so not much reason to race hard now. It’s apparent they aren’t concerned about stage points. A much different look than what we saw in the 500.

Well.... to make the playoffs in the Cup series you have to be.... let's call it... Moderately Competitive. In X as long as you run all the races with the same driver you're pretty much in the playoffs unless you get 5+ DNF's
Those brakes were not faster than Xfinity 10G
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